Hi! My name is IDA AHLFONT. I am a kindergarten and Montessori teacher, with further education within Pikler-pedagogy. Before working in Kindergarten I worked in a bank (SEB) in Stockholm as an economist. My childhood was in Karlstad. I studied in Linköping and Hamburg in Germany.

When my husband got a job in Vienna 2001 we moved here with our three children. The thought was to stay in Vienna for three years…but we enjoy it here! In my spare time I enjoy needle-work, physical exercise and travelling.

When I am in Sweden I live in a small cottage by the mountains in Sälen. At work you will find me either indoor at Junibacken or outside.



Hi! My name is STEFANIE GRITSCH and since August 2015 I work as a German-speaking kindergarten teacher at Junibacken. I graduated in June 2013 as a kindergarten teacher at Bakip8 in Vienna. After that I worked two years as a youth recreation leader at a school in Lower Austria. For me it is important that the children develop into independent and tolerant individuals, who show respect to each other.

           My name is KATHERINE (KATIE) STAMERJOHN and I come from Wisconsin, USA. 2011 I left the US and my microbiology job to pursue teaching English abroad. Since then, I've taught English as a second language for all ages in South Korea, the United States, and Austria. My teaching approach for all levels and ages is student-centered as I believe students learn language best when they are engaged and in-charge. Since August 2017, I've been working in Junibacken as a Kindergruppenbetreuerin and in the afternoons I work in Fritids.

I met my Austrian husband traveling in Mongolia, which is how I ended

up in Vienna. In our free time we still enjoy traveling to unique countries. Besides traveling, I like to swim and hike the Wienwanderwege in my free time.

MARTÍN GOMÈZ-RIVIÈRE - Workin in Junibacken and Pre-School as a pedagogue

Hello, my name is NATALIE MIKIKITS and I have been working in the swedish School since August 2014. I work in the pre-school-class as well as in the after-school-care. In my educational work, it is important for me to help the children in their social and emotional development, and also to further their creativity. Together with my colleauges I like to create a space for the children as well as for the adults, where we can all feel saffe and grow together.

My name is VANDA HADZIC and I work in the pre-school-class as well as in the after-school-care. In fall 2012 I moved from Malmö to the beautiful city of Vienna, in which I enjoy living in. I was born in Bosnia Herzegovina, but I moved to Sweden when I was 11 years old. Originally I am a social scientist with a major in human rights. Since 2006 I have worked in Kindergarten and School, and I am about to finish my education as a teacher. In spring 2013 I started working in the swedish school of Vienna, where I was conviced by the working enviroment both for the students and the teachers.

I am a very social person who likes to try out new things, and who seeks challenges. In my free time I like to meet my freinds, I travel, i go to flee-markets, and I like to cook.

Hi! My name is MARLEEN ZOTTER and I work as a kindergarten teacher in Lönneberga since August 2015.

I completed my education as a kindergarten teacher in June 2015 at Bakip8 in Vienna.

I work full time at Bullerbyn where our youngest children are.

Prior to my education as a kindergarten teacher I studied Skandinavistik at the University of Vienna.

I was born in Vienna and moved to Sweden when I was eight years old. I lived in Trelleborg and Ystad until

I was 18 and then I moved back to the town where I was born – to Vienna.

LISA HARTMANN - Nursery Attendant in Bullerbyn

Hi! My name is VERENA ANTONOV. I finished my education as a kindergarten teacher in 2012 at the Bakip8 in Vienna, and I have been working in the Bullerbygroup since August 2017. After i finished my education I went to work in the proffession right away and have gathered experience in groups with children in different ages. Since March 2013 i study Bildungswissenschaft at the University of Vienna next to my work. I learned alot about the swedish culture and tradition during a Semester abroad in Sweden/Gothenburg.

    Hi! My name is ULRIKA GÖTHLIN and since 2011 my family and I and our dog Fonzie live in wonderful Vienna.

I am the School Administrator and I love to come to work every day! I grew up in Småland but I knew from a

very early age that I wanted to live abroad and that is what we have done for several years.

Previously I have worked at international schools and therefore I enjoy being back in the Swedish environment.

I have a marketing and economy education. Every morning I am in the office, right next to the entrance, so if you need anything, you know where to find me!

Hi! My name is SUSANNE HIORT and I am the principal of the Swedish School. My family and I moved to

Austria in 2002 and since then I have worked in the school.

I am an educated kindergarten and elementary school teacher. September 2014 I started my education to become a principal, and finished in September 2017.

In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, tennis, hiking and watching our son play football.

Lönneberga - der bilinguale Kindergarten in Grinzing / Scheibelreitergasse 15, 1190 Wien /  Tel: +43 1 3207980