LÖNNEBERGA? Yes, exactly! Just like Emil from Lönneberga. One of the well-known characters by Astrid Lindgren, the world famous children’s book author.

Our bilingual kindergarten is called Lönneberga because we are a part of the Swedish school in Vienna and we devote ourselves to Scandinavian pedagogy.

What is it and what does that mean? We live and learn together with the children, our aim is to teach them to respect each other, to show compassion, be objective, and to promote diversity and democracy. It also means that we together with the children go outside to one of our two playgrounds every day, regardless of the weather conditions.

For us bilingual means that Swedish and German are spoken to the same extent. Children between the ages of two and five, with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds are visiting our kindergarten. Both languages, Swedish and German, are always the base for our work with the children.

If you wonder how it works for parents with no Scandinavian background, you will find their comments here.

When we have activities with the children we emphasize creativity in order to support and stimulate fine motoric skills and the children’s fantasy.

The daily gathering and the free play are two important factors in our pedagogy, while we put big effort in the language development. Each semester, we work with shorter and longer projects which contain different themes and where the children are involved in the decision making. We also play outside every day, regardless of the weather condition.

A well-developed language is an important and significant cornerstone to read and write later in life. Reading aloud, singing, rhymes and poems are important factors to stimulate language development by the children and thus it occurs daily in one way or another in our kindergarten.

Being outside is important. Therefore we spend lots of time outside together with the children.

 Once a week Junibacken makes a field trip to our surrounding areas, e.g. to Wienerwald where there are many possibilities for playing and to explore. Bullerbyn is visiting the farm on Cobenzl on their monthly field-trips.


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