Last Kindergarten-year

The Swedish school in Vienna offers a multilingual preschool class at a high educational level. Through targeted activities in small groups, the children are prepared for the school. We offer a playful and fun way to learn. The children's natural interest in learning and developing is in focus. It is especially important for us that the children also have enough opportunity for free activities and we spend a lot of time outdoors and in nature. To follow the children in their social and emotional development we see as a very important part of our work. Through this work, we help the children to ensure a natural transition from preschool to school.

We offer school preparatory activities such as:

Swedish and German, such as extra English (preparation for reading and writing, phonological awareness exercises, rhymes, reading and audiobooks)

Mathematics (basic mathematical concepts, working with numbers, practice counting, problem solving)

Nature and technology (exploring the nature and deepening the knowledge through experiments)

Creative activities (promote creativity in many different ways)

Physical activity (once a week a planned exercise in the park and a lot of exercise in the garden and on our excursions)

Music (Songs for different feasts, private piano and guitar lessons)

Excursions (Parks, playgrounds, forests, libraries, museums, theater)

If you are interested, we are always available for a personal contact.

Phone number 01/320 7980.

Lönneberga - der bilinguale Kindergarten in Grinzing / Scheibelreitergasse 15, 1190 Wien /  Tel: +43 1 3207980